The Inspiration

Every successful business has a mentor to help keep you on track as well as giving advice and teaching the right and wrong way to do things. One of the most inspiring people we have had in our lives is my mother, Cath Absolom.

Unfortunately she isn’t with us anymore, but she is certainly in our hearts. Mum was renowned for her pizzas and whenever there was a family function or a friend was having a party she would put her hand up and say “I’ll make a couple trays of pizza”.

Her love of food is inherent in all of us and we have fond memories of her cooking in the Absolom kitchen with her trademark red apron.

She was the kind of good old-fashioned cook who could always make something from nothing and put her special touch to the simplest dish, making it her own.

Cath’s simple philosophy towards food was always ‘Let’s Eat!’no matter what the situation, celebration or commiseration.

It’s been a long time since her passing but we will never forget her.